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Dr. Rupen Panchal

Dialysis & care



It means, blood pumped out of your body to an artificial kidney machine, and then returned to your body by the tubes that connect you to the machine.


  • Inpatient Hemodialysis
  • Home Hemodialysis


Paritoneal Dialysis

It means, the inside lining of your own belly acts as a natural filter.


  • Automated Paritoneal Dialysis
  • Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis

In Hemodialysis, a dialysis machine and a special filter called an artificial kidney, or a dialyzer, are used to clean your blood. To get your blood into the dialyzer, the doctor needs to make an access, or entrance, into your blood vessels. This is done with minor surgery, usually to your arm called as AV fistula.

Haemodialysis helps patients with kidney failure to remove waste and excess fluid. It is temporary in most of the cases of acute kidney failure.

Hemodialysis is permanent treatment for patients with advanced kidney failure ; which needs to be done twice or thrice weekly. With good quality Hemodialysis patients have survived even for 20 years. When the patient is on permanent haemodialysis of maintenance haemodialysis, he needs to have regular follow up with his nephrologist every two to three months.

Haemodialyis many a times is life saving treatment in acute kidney failure. Other modalities of dialysis are SLED and CRRT.