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Kidney Biopsy and Kidney Diseases

Kidney Biopsy and Kidney Diseases

kidney biopsy, also known as renal biopsy is a procedure wherein a small section of kidney tissue is removed with the help of a needle, to examine under the microscope. The test helps to identify the cause, and possible treatment of the kidney disease.

This procedure is done under sonographic guidance and under local anaesthesia. Relatively it is a safe procedure and can also be done on day care basis.

This procedure is indicated in SLE patients and patients with proteinuria (protein in urine) and hematuria (blood in urine).

When your kidneys lose this filtering ability, harmful levels of fluid and waste accumulate in your body, which can raise your blood pressure and result in kidney failure (end-stage kidney disease). End-stage renal disease occurs when the kidneys have lost about 90% of their ability to function normally.


Common causes of end-stage kidney disease include: